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  October 21, 2006





MIRACLE!!!!!   *hey!  I can hear the angels singing outside!  GASP!  Did I have a heart attack?!  No, whew false alarm!*

If you've read the intro and this page... this... thing... You are probably wondering where are these so called Urameshi brats!

Well I finally introduce into the story Kira Urameshi!  (Yes!  Hejin32 is to thank for this guy!)  What surprises me is that this is actually a shorter chapter than I thought it would be and hopefully a little more amusing!  I know Hejin's laughing at his personal characters!  I'm amazed that I am half way through chapter 3, and I don't have a title as yet for it!  UGH!!  Here's where the writer's block hit!  Shoots!  So close too!

Hejin!  I'm going to need your help on this one!

Now on a more personal note!   HEY ALL YOU TIM BURTON FANS, and those who live or visiting sunny southern California any time soon, Disney has re-released THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS at the EL CAPITAN THEATRE, if you loved it as much as I do, they 3-D'd the film, and it's not CHEESY 3-D either!  *GASP*  Imagine that!  No seriously, I loved it when it first came out and I still love it in the 3-D form, so!  If you liked Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice, Big Fish, Edward Scissorhands... GO SEE THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS in theatres AGAIN!  It won't disappoint!  If you've seen it before... see it again!

Time for me to go and relieve some stress!  *grabbing my guns and heading for the range!*  Hiei would be so disappointed that I'm not using my blades!  Oh well!  I need something that gives of a loud BANG!!!


- The Black Rose


  September 20, 2006

FINALLY!!   I have the chance to work on this site, I can not guarantee I'll be able to improve on this as much as I would like to but I am trying.  I mean, like, between working full time and studying!  OH HEAVEN HELP!  THE MIGRAINE!  *having a nervous breakdown... oh the seizures!* *gasp* *gasp* *hyperventilating*  Can't... breathe... 

(eesh, how dramatic, yeah?!)

For those who have read the first two chapters I am on the final draft of Chapter 2 and started on Chapters 3 & 4!  If you are expecting a laugh on Chapter 2, I am sorry to disappoint, this is heading into a serious side that is rather... brutal?  Maybe that's too harsh a word.  As you can guess that since I am running two sides, each chapter will run accordingly to my main two.  But the chapter that follows will continue where the last left off.


Well I must be running off now...

I need sleep to keep my brain from oozing out of my ears!


- The Black Rose


Hi and welcome to my fan-fiction site of YuYu Hakusho!

YuYu Hakusho’s world created by Yoshihiro Togashi is loved by all of us!  So why am I calling this my world?  He introduced us to his, since this is a fan-fiction, I am throwing in a whole new world!  A world I hope you will enjoy, while at the same time keeping his. 

Fiction, fact and mythology!  I introduce you to the world of deities and gods, the gates are opened to the Etherean world of Faerie!  Not just any faeries!  The legendary Tuatha de Danann!  If I have them I can't forget the other fey, now can I?  Elven kind, including orcs, dark elves, dark fey, goblins, sprites... etc!

This fan-fiction is primary devoted to Hiei Jaganshi, the Swordsman, of YuYu Hakusho!  I plan on tearing him apart!   I toss poor Hiei in the middle of hell!  (Metaphorically, of course!)

For those Hiei fans who believe that he should be with Mukuro or Kurama I have to say I'm sorry!  I can't do that to him, instead I'm giving him a headache that will hopefully have all of Hiei's fans rolling!  I will spoil it!  I'm sticking him with someone else so as to finish that argument on this end, so neither Kurama or Mukuro get their hands on him!  I hope the fans will approve of my personal choice for our darling Hiei!  I am working very hard in creating her specifically for him.  I admit it!  I am loving this!

Yes, you will be hearing from the others such as Kurama, of course Mukuro, Yusuke, I toss in Bui as well as somehow throwing in Kuwabara (not at first)... and the list will continue on! 

Now without further adieu, enjoy!


 - The Black Rose





For those of you who want a spoiler read on... here’s a brief synopsis!

 Hiei is now 5000, yes, 5000 years old!  Amazing isn’t it?  He and Mukuro are off and on, off and on!  They keep going back and forth!  They do agree on one thing, whether or not it works, there’s no regret!  Hell, they have possibly hundreds of thousands of years to decide where to go and if they die in combat before that, well, there’s no regrets!  They enjoy engaging in battle with one another, enjoy killing with the other!  So why did they separate?  Something is wrong, horribly wrong!  Hiei decided he had to leave the world that had accepted him for who and what he is behind him.  There is no other choice, no option.

 Ahh, Serenity Star!  The crème de la crème of Faerie!  She runs the army and commands their elite, the Slayers!  They are exactly as they sound, Slayers!  The Slayers are designed to kill with precision and finesse.  Their mounts, dragons!  There are perks to being the best, besides the grueling and tasking constant training.  One fateful day the Ivory Kingdom had been invaded!  Invaded by something old, ancient and something definitely demon!  Taking in two teams, they split off in the forgotten world of Makai to hunt this thing down! 

 Serenity does not look like a warrior nor does she behave as one, Yusuke and Yusuke Jr, call her the little doll!  That is what she is, a perfect little porcelain doll!  Just as Hiei thinks one thing, he ends up constantly changing his mind on her… until he just gave up trying to figure her out!  She just blows his mind into pieces and Hiei noticed one thing, he is finding himself attracted to her.  As much as Mukuro hates to admit it and is jealous of the pretty little thing, she couldn’t help falling in love with her as a sister-type. If Hiei can’t resist her childish, sweet charms and huge heart, how can Mukuro?  One thing they do know, she is so much more than she is allowing out!  Hiei wants to get to the bottom of this mystery girl!  In the process, he finds her more and more fascinating, could this destructive demon actually be losing his heart?  Could it be that the fiercely independent Hiei has finally and truly fallen in love?  Can they make it work with their vast differences?


Got Questions?!


Well, you will have to read to find out now won't ya!



Oh, I plan on stealing him from Mukuro!  Heart and soul!  How I plan on it is either going to make you cry or have you laughing, I hope!  I stated this earlier.



Well, that's an easy answer after reading this you will see that as Hiei develops and grows, so does my girl, Serenity!  And she is his exact opposite!  She kicks major behind, but she is a flip side to Hiei's coin!  Example!  While Hiei scowls and snarls, she smiles and laughs!  While in combat, they are very much of similar opinions and they are able to read one another very easily and smoothly.

At first I had wanted to called this the "Faerie Tale Files", but after really thinking on the nature of Hiei and Serenity, they very much resemble the Yin-Yang philosophy.  Light and Dark, Life and Death, a calm and a storm, between them there is a balance that seemed fitting enough to use the Yin-Yang symbol.  So, as I was almost resigned to changing it to the "Yin-Yang Files",  due to the image, I finally decided that the "Yin-Yang Chronicles" has more substance as a title. 





To me this is my fan - fiction tale and my fey!  Enjoy! 

But I can't take all the credit, part of the credit goes to Hejin32 of the Red vs. Blue site….  Where as most of the story line is mine, he helped to add more to it and it gave an amusing flavor to the story.  (By the way, he’s to thank for the Urameshi brats!  Or “Pests!” "Nuisances!" "Irritations!" and the list goes on, as Hiei classifies them.)