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Book 1 - A Whole New Adventure Begins...

Chapter 2 - Slayer 5

The earth is a waste land that is slowly recovering, very slowly!  In the center of it all are the humans watching the fight been the good spirits and the bad.  Slayer Five is angry, very angry, and they're about to unleash that anger on an opponent who has been begging to get hit!

Chapter 1 - Hiei's troops, The Return of Bui

Welcome back to Makai, Hiei is ready for war and Bui is right besides him in Mukuro's army!  During training, a challenge has been issued to Hiei and his troops!


This chapter introduces Hiei & Mukuro in their current time and the reader into the world of Faerie and Serenity Star.



Written By: The Black Rose (hieizwife, sorry I couldn't resist!)

Based off of the Original Manga/Anime YuYu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi