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           Hiei, though physically short, is a giant among the demons of Makai.  Standing tall at four ten, dark blue-black hair, a starburst layer of white spiked bangs with bluish black bangs before it.  Legs shoulder length apart, back strait, well muscled abs glistening in the Makai sun.  Thickly honed chest slighting rising and falling with each breath, arms crossed before him, aggressively sharp red eyes staring out among the acres of troops in the day light training under his officers.    

          One female in particular looked at him with pure admiration, as he stood with certainty and unwavering command!  She is one of Mukuro's warriors and walked right up to Hiei without hesitation.  She knew Mukuro had dibs on Hiei, they were… lovers so to speak.  Even then, some things had become awkward between the two.  It was a mutual decision to pull back, neither knowing where to restart both wanting to push but not sure if it would take them forward or if it will be the one step that could cause the other to reject forcing them back to where they started.  After all, what if things go wrongly awry, horribly so!   They will eventually try again, besides there is the perk of being practically immortal, why rush the uncertainty until they themselves are one hundred percent sure this is where they want to go!

          Although Hiei is positive he wanted to push things on a more personal level with Mukuro, there is a part of him that is happy being what he is to one of the Demon Lords, they are both satisfied where things currently stand.  An understanding that is just between them, Hiei is convinced Mukuro wouldn't mind taking things on a more serious level, one of these days or years he will attempt to talk to Mukuro alone!  Their decision to keep their relationship on a permanent delay is giving Hiei time to gather and collect himself.  For that he is thankful, he hated rushing into things and his emotions were confusing both of them at the same time.  Sometime soon he will confront Mukuro and perhaps start what had been stopped, however within he feels the dragon he has become is disapproving and he thought it is under control!  Then again, could it be that the weird dreams are forcing doubts, thrusting a desire that Mukuro is unable to fulfill?!  For the last week he had been unable to approach Mukuro, avoiding her as much as possible, until she approaches him!  He greeted her with his sword and that is something he has not done in a while.  Sighing, Hiei decided to focus on the now, no sense thinking on the what-ifs when his complete attention is needed elsewhere, on the troops before him.  One thing he does know for certain, if his energy and strength continue to grow, he will have to leave to retrain!  Staying here, his power will grow beyond his abilities to contain it and who knows what could happen.  He could seriously hurt, Mukuro.  The red eyes shifted to the female figure walking up to him. 

          He knew this one, a promising killer and one of the more lovely of Mukuro's females and that is no lie.  "Well, speak."  Hiei's voice soft and steady, normal calm tone.

          "My Lord Hiei, I beg for your training!"  She bowed before Hiei, blue eyes looking up at him expectantly.  Sakura has been a fan of Hiei's, always wished she could be the one in his eyes instead of the woman she wholly admires, but if that was the case would he be as desirable?  Maybe... not!  Mukuro is what makes Hiei all the more appealing!  Alone he's one hell of a male, the fact that Mukuro managed to capture this wild wolf has Hiei standing out all the more.  But oh, he is such a catch!  Pity!  As she looked at Hiei, she could not help wondering if there is something he longs for?  Those crimson eyes, like his skills remain sharp and deadly to the point of refined!  Still she could not stop herself from thinking, 'Hiei can do so much better than my Lord Mukuro.'  They both need someone who is not able to share and feel the same as they do, but is able to give them something they desperately need, true love.  Ha!  Now that's a joke!  They're demons, where the hell are they going to find that here in Makai?  Humankind?  Now there's ironic!  That stinking race can't make up their damned minds and they betray each other faster than demon-born do!  The lot of hypocrites should be destroyed!   Hiei stood next to the tall Bui on the battlements of Mukuro's fortress, both hardened males staring down into the training yards at the troops they gathered together.

          "I have told you before, I will not train you.  You are getting stronger, but not mine to train."  The red eyes simply stared down at her.  "You are Mukuro's."

          "I know that, my Lord Hiei.  I wish to go beyond, to intensify my training, that can happen only under you, I truly admire Lord Mukuro but there is a limit that even my Lord can't go beyond.  You can, Lord Hiei!"

          "Sakura, your specialty is in the darkness I will not train you.  I can contact Toya, the Ice Ninja and speak to Mukuro.  Under their sect, you will obtain your true potential."  Hiei looked at her.  "Will that be to your satisfactory?"

          "Thank you, Lord Hiei!"  She smiled and like the rest of them, her eyes glinted with a steel sharpness, bowing to Hiei before leaving his presence.

          "She's always admired you."  Bui replied with a grin.  "The others just can't understand why you haven't slept with her yet.  I keep telling them, you're loyalty to Mukuro is unfaltering."

          "It is amazing how many imbeciles are truly out there!"  Hiei growled with eyes narrowed out of irritation.

          Bui could not help the grin as his thoughts wandered back… back when Hiei reappeared in his life, approaching him with an ending that to this day shocks him still.  Not only is he an officer in one of the most powerful armies of Makai, he is Hiei the Swordsman's number one and most trusted generals!  Hiei is second to none other than the runt's very own Mukuro, this is her army as he keeps saying!  Bui has to admit he loves the position and Hiei didn't inspire him through hatred!  Staring over the vast troops of Hiei Jaganshi, mind traveling into his past… way back… … … …


          A few thousand years ago, if one were to ask Bui would have said he has reached his max potential, that he is a washed up warrior, a fighter no longer with a purpose whatsoever!  It started at a certain tournament, a tournament held by humans with teams of demon fighters, the Dark Tournament.  Earning his way to the finals and coming down to his last fight, his battle with Hiei Jaganshi, it is this fight that forced the shocking revelation of truth as the owner of the Black Dragon over powered him!  Bui’s existence is nothing, meaningless, he will never reach his true goal!  Hiei the Swordsman had shown him that by defeating him in battle.  The cocky runt merely smirked as Juri called that little jerk the winner, Hiei deserved to be so he won that right.  Over and over again did he see Hiei's face in his mind, that shrimp had more power and delivered more than Bui had ever expected, throughout that entire tournament Hiei was the most underestimated and that damned pipsqueak proved he is more than he seemed time and time again!  Bui made the same assumption and gravely underestimated Hiei, for that the tall demon had been over powered and defeated just the same as everyone else!  As much as he wanted to hate Hiei for the victory over him, Bui could not deny the short fighter had followed his own set of honor and won accordingly, in his own grudging way, Bui could not help admiring him for that. 

          It is a dark windy summer’s night, sheets of rain falling like hail outside a small studio in Shinjuku.  Bui sat alone, continually recalling the fight with Hiei again and again!  A routine that seemed never ending for centuries since then.  He still couldn't believe it, just can't believe it, even after all this time!  That little prick's cocky attitude, a smirk that showed no respect and Bui could not deny that Hiei is able to back up his well-earned smart assed mouth.  No matter how many scenarios and methods of change he thought of, the out come always remained the same!  Bui stopped doubting the victor is and always will be Hiei.  Not that it made him feel any the better for Bui realized they were like all the other demon contestants in that tournament.  They were the cocky ones, they underestimated them all like everyone else!  Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei and Genkai!  Hell, even without Master Genkai on team Urameshi they were the asses out there that day who got spanked hard!  Bui downed another bottle of imported whiskey from America as his mind continued to glower and wonder of the past!  Would he want his former glory?  Yeah, who wouldn't!  Slamming the bottle down on the floor Bui's eyes were shining with drunkenness his motions sluggish due to the alcohol, but get him in a real fight and the sharpness of his skills come out as though he were perfectly sober!

          "Hey!  Old man!  Let's fight you weak assed geriatric!  What, are you afraid of catching a cold!?"  Came up a strong yet young voice, damned kids, even in this rain they still bother him!

          “Heheh, that's a good one.”  One of his friends laughed.

          “Shit, we'll get a cold before he does!”  Another groused holding his jacket tightly closed about him. 

          “Quit being such a wuss!  Man!”  The first kid said while pushing the last speaker.

          “What, it's the truth!  I don't want to deal with my mom saying 'I told you so!”  The shoved boy spoke, giving a mock tone.

          “Gees, you’re such a mama's boy!”  The second replied and just after saying so, he sneezed!

          ‘When will these punk assed kids ever learn!’  Bui could not help sighing.  It does not help that the damned lower class fighting demons are filling these brats’ heads with delusions that they can not only fight but take on the higher demons and win, stupid kids!  They think they are tough just because they have demons in their gang!  One day he will teach them a lesson, after all this is no game!  So what if he was on the losing team that fateful day, the weaker fools should know better, then again as he thought about it.  'Retards!'  The one descriptive word that popped into his head in regards to those infernal kids!  Walking over to the window Bui looked down at the punks through the cracks of the thick curtain.  Shock white head shaking, at the punks idiotic enough to challenge him, it had to be teenagers standing in the drenched parking lot as the rain continued to pour down not letting up one bit!  Human and stupid!  A grunted "Hmph!" escaped Bui before turning his back to walk away.  As he took a step one very strong aura came over him, very strong and extremely demonic.  Ice blue eyes narrowed, head turning back towards the window as if expecting to see the one emitting such power!  Slowly the tall demon inched back to the window, eyes cautiously shifting left, then panning right, and down followed by up.  Gazing through the narrow slit of the curtain fabric trying to search the grounds for the source without truly revealing himself.  Who ever it is they are incredibly powerful!  Still not being able to locate the source visually, Bui decided to head for the roof!

          Long legs strode swiftly, speeding his way up the stairs, hardly making a sound on the metal steps at the very top that lead to the a metal door as he took each rise one at a time.  Pausing a brief moment before reaching for the doorknob to the roof, taking a deep breath and opening his senses.   Bui trying to feel for the source and unable to locate it right now, all he can do is guess and so far only able to determine upper S-class demon, easy.  Which means Bui is probably already located and soon to die, but not without a fight!  Grabbing the handle of the door it crumpled as he turned it, “Cheap crap!” flung the door wide open, unhinging it in the process with his incredible strength as it proceeded to slam into the wall, creating a crater about three feet in diameter.  The rusty thing bounded off and hit the ground with a crash.  Now physically exposed, the energy completely overwhelmed Bui, the power is simply too much, how is this much power possible?  So incredible that Bui found himself on his knees, head swimming as his senses and energy reeled, practically swooning from the energy overdose as his body swayed with it.  Eyes rolling, colors swimming before him, barely able to make out motions, sounds muffled and amplified at the same time.  Just barely did he make out the slow hiss of metal on metal.  'Sword!'  He thought and sluggishly dodged the swing!  Hm, how did he survive that?  It should have been precise, should have killed him, unless his attacker is simply playing with the lush has-been?  Is that why those damned kids are down there, to lure out the drunken shell of a demon warrior?  What a way to die!  Hell!  He can give their benefactor more than his share of entertainment!  But this power!  How will he get around that?   He’ll have to improvise and return it with his own, that is if he can manage to with this over whelming energy!

          "Come on, Bui!  Show me what you got!"  That voice, he recognized that voice from a dream.  Instead of a sword came a fist, then a kick.  Superiorly fast, motions un-detected and hits harder than Toguro?  There is no one that…  Then he heard a sigh.  "Do not disappoint me!  I came all this way just to see if you still have an edge for battle!  Is my power disabling your senses?"  Feeling an impact to his chest, Bui felt himself being thrown viciously backwards from the impact.  Hard, swift, deadly!  Though still unable to see blinded by the power rush, he could still feel and getting to his feet Bui charged in, pivoting to avoid getting hit by a kick, but to late, the kick was a rouse as a fist smashed into his lower jaw sending him back once more.  "I will be extremely displeased to know I came all this way for nothing!  Fight me, Bui!"  A fist once more smashed into his face, then cheek and finally a shattering blow to his chest sent him reeling down into the parking lot.  Rain still pouring, Bui turned his soaked body, head tilted back, ice blue eyes narrowed as he now faced the ground.  Somersaulting to break the fall, flipping back a few times into a crouch.  Staggering drunkenly to his feet, finally able to look up at his attacker.  On the edge of the building was a shadow of a figure rain drops merely outlining his figure.  That stance, the way he stood perfectly still, could feel arrogant eyes looking down at Bui.  The owner of those eyes has every right to be arrogant.  The punks on the street laughing as the demon suddenly appeared on the ground, ten paces from Bui.  "What happened to that proud warrior I fought many millennia ago at a tournament!  A warrior of strength and honor!  How sad that you have let yourself become nothing more than a miserable drunkard, worse than trash!"  Hiei spoke sarcastically, steel red eyes glaring at Bui.  "Come on, give me a fight, a good fight!  Show me, I am not wasting my time!"

          "HAHAHAHHAHA!!  You got your ass handed to you by that pip-squeak!"  One of the boys shouted unable to contain himself as they laughed all the harder, falling over each other in the slick rain.  "You are pathetic, old timer!"

          "No!  Pathetic is a rat trying to play with the big dogs!"  Hiei growled, eyes turning to the kids standing on the side.  "If you have a death wish, speak again, I will be more than happy to oblige!"  The sword he held glinted with the deadly edge, blood red eyes glowed as vicious and sharp as the blade with a snarl on his lips, gaze falling on Bui as Hiei’s power burst from him like a nuclear bomb. 

          Assessing the threat before him Bui only nodded his head as the rich timbering voice replied.  "Very well, Hiei, I will give you your fight!"  In answer Bui summoned his energy, allowing it to run rampant, the kids scrambling to get away from the frightening powers of Bui and Hiei, the smaller demon laughing as Bui responded in kind!

          Several minutes had passed before they finally charging into one another.  Fists flaying, kicks in rapid succession, dodging, ducking and blocking neither gaining, yet it is very obvious that Hiei is considerably stronger of the two combatants.  The street punks who ran earlier now hiding behind a beat up old jalopy of a car could only gawk at the power and speed displayed, or rather unseen other than occasional blurs.  This whole time that so-called washed up old man was toying them?  Had been from day one!  After watching Bui truly fight, the realization of how much of a mistake they made dawned upon the kids.  Large axes appearing out of thin air, spinning with speed and accuracy, smashing into and demolishing cars, poles, walls, anything that stood in it’s path of projection.  Even then, the pip-squeak did not break a sweat, as he caught several of the damned things with his bare hands and incinerated them without batting an eye!  Night started to arrive as Bui jumped back and away from Hiei’s blade.

          Mukuro’s heir could not help the laughter as they broke apart, "Now that is more like it, Bui!  Join me!  Join Mukuro's army, be my right hand!  I need a strong and loyal warrior, I recalled you!  What say you Bui, observe my duties and see what I am offering you!  Then decline if you wish, you final word will be done."  Hiei nodded his head and Bui could not help but nod his head.  This should be interesting, yes he will check out what Hiei and Mukuro has to offer.  “I will respect your wishes if you choose not to join.”

          “Very well, Hiei the Swordsman, I have nothing to lose.”  Bui gave the strong demon a small smile as Hiei smirked in response.

          “I shall see you when you arrive.”  Hiei turned and walked away.

          ‘He hasn’t changed a single bit!’  Bui thought as he watched the runt of a demon slowly fade into the darkness.



          It has been well over two thousand years since the day Hiei reappeared into his life and Bui has not regretted it one bit.  Most of his orders come directly from Hiei himself, very rarely did Mukuro want to see him or care to and for that Bui is thank full.  He’s heard the horror stories of her before she grabbed Hiei and even after, though to a lesser degree.

          The ice blue eyes gazed out on the thousands upon thousands of troops training in the yards and lands beyond daily, Hiei and Bui overseeing their employed methods.  This is Mukuro’s number one troops, Hiei’s troops, under her second in command they are the best!  The officers trained by Hiei himself are feared and respected, rightly so!   Bui noticed Hiei glance downward to his left, the blood red eyes caught by something and following his superior’s gaze to one of their younger captains in the sparring ring with Sakura. 

          "I see Rufis is getting better."  Hiei spoke as he watched the young demon.

          “Yes, he’s been training himself every day, wanting to prove himself to his lord.”  Bui replied.  “Quite intuitive as well, he is getting better strategically and tactically as well.”

          “I will personally see to his training, from here on.”  Hiei nodded his head as watching the young captain, not waiting for an answer, nor did he expect one.  Just as he was about to head down to the sparring yard he heard Gardus speak.

          "Is all of this really necessary, Hiei?  Between you, Mukuro and the ten of us, training the lower fools is not a high priority.  Give them the basics, Hiei, that's all they need."  General Gardus spoke looking down at the sweating soldiers.

          "That is why your troops are lacking!"  Hiei's glance turned to Gardus, the third of Mukuro's generals.  "Care for a competition?  Your troops against mine!  This will not be to the death, we may need our soldiers alive for the take over of Crestfallen."  Hiei's head tilted upward as his left eyebrow lifted in question.  "What say you, allow our troops to do the talking for us?"

          "A competition between regiments!  That is an excellent idea it will show me what type of power I truly have at my hands."  Mukuro replied as she looked down at Hiei.  "A wonderful suggestion, Hiei." 

          "Hmph, I did not think you would object to that."  Hiei grinned with a brief glance at Mukuro.  Is it Bui’s imagination or is Hiei deliberately trying to not look at the woman?  Has something happened between them?

          "You do know how to keep me entertained!"  The woman smiled as she looked down at the runt of a demon.  'Gestures like that are wasted on me, so hit me like you can!'  How true Mukuro found that to be, even after all these years, yes there is something in him that deeply cares for her, he even trusts her to some point.  It is not enough, she wants Hiei to return her sentiment, her feelings, she wants Hiei to return her love.  Hiei has been living such a dismal life for so long, maybe he has no clue as to how, it is unfamiliar to him and he chooses it to remain so!  Then again she can’t talk either!  Mukuro has taken everything she needed or wanted herself.  She tried to take him and he responded with a vicious rebuttal, treat him with tenderness and he freaks out!  There has to be some middle ground that she can’t reach.  One thing she does know, he opened himself up to her and that alone is a feat Hiei does not do easily.  She found out they are alike, similar and with that the thought that they are practically made for each other.  Maybe that is the problem?  Hiei spends half his time here and the other half in Ningenkai, oddly enough.  Oh well, that is Hiei, an oddity, one she wants to tame yet neither could she bring herself to do so.  What could happen if she forced it?  As it is he stays now of his own free choice, would that change?  Yes, she’s tried a lesser of a push and the lure and both were met with unkind and brutal backlashes!  She accepts and loves him just as he is and for now she is somewhat content with their current arrangement.  Watching Hiei with adoration as the dominate male stepped into the ring and called on young captain.  Rufis nodding his head to Hiei as the demon stepped up to meet the challenge of his mentor.

          This is going to hurt and he knew it!  Frequently Hiei has been pushing him harder and harder every time they spar!  There is no way this is going to be one an exception, expecting one hell of a pounding to be dished out to him.  Never is Hiei easy on him, at the same time Rufis can say he is learning, training, not like some of Mukuro’s others or Mukuro herself!  On the bright side Rufis is getting used to the daily abuse he goes through in Mukuro's ranks, he thinks.  Does not help that Hiei is the one who spotted him!  Man, he knew the short demon is worth his weight in a fight, he had no idea it was this much!  Shit, Hiei's hits are bone shattering!  Sure, he can take the puny bastard’s hits, no problem!  Hell yeah there’s a problem!  Hiei hits harder than Japan’s bullet train at full speed!  After hundreds of years with this, one eventually gets used to it, ouch.

          "Today you will learn to use your abilities to the fullest!  I am going to push your energy!  Force it to get stronger on a level you could only wish you had!  I will make sure your energy will grow along with your natural abilities.  Are you mentally prepared for such training?"  Hiei asked his young officer.

          Taking a deep breath, Rufis looked at Hiei.  "Only one way to find out!"  His energy flaring up and out of him.  Both demons moving in fists blazing away, kicks nothing but blurs.  Bui and Mukuro observed the training with watchful eyes. 

          "Hmph, Hiei is taking it easy on him."  Mukuro replied hands in her pockets.

          Bui nodded.  "Rufis has the possibility to increase his power and Hiei sees that, knows that and to achieve it he will knock Rufis out senseless if he must, not before."

          "Hm, so he will."  Mukuro gave her small smile watching her two warriors.  Hiei blocking half-heartedly waiting for his moment which came as an opening moving into it, fist up and under Rufis' chin knocking the kid out of bounds. 

          Hiei looked down at his captain, eyes blinking, he couldn't believe it!  Not even a fraction of his strength or power, oblivious to Mukuro's gaze as she watched him.  'My Hiei.  Will I be able to keep you forever?  I have a feeling I don't think so, not after witnessing that.'  The runt headed in their direction, eyes blinked but once as he reached them.

          "Quit daydreaming, Mukuro."  Hiei spoke softly as he walked past her.

          Bui walked off trying to hide his grin.  He was there when they attempted to go serious in their relationship, what a disaster that was!  Hiei never wanted to go physical until he himself wanted that.  Yes he wouldn't have minded, but he felt he wasn't ready, not to take a step like that anyway.  Hiei and Mukuro, they are both dominate, relentless and ruthless, bloodthirsty!  They were more at each other's throats and almost each argument ended with a pure fight, soldiers didn't just run, they ran screaming like little girls!  It got to a point where Hiei was so pissed off and so fed up with it that he walked out for several centuries!  Leaving Bui to handle things in his absence while Mukuro's ex-lover calmed and cooled down enough to return to his position as her heir.  When he returned, Hiei was very clear on the terms!  They were to never attempt that again and he will stay not just as her second in command, her heir, until he is ready to try that fiasco again. 

          Bui alone couldn't help wondering what it would mean, what could happen if Hiei were to actually fall in love, not just pure admiration and respect for a woman, but truly love!  Is it possible?  Both were created from hatred and bloodlust, both are dominate and devastating, Hiei cares for Mukuro more than anything, but his love for his sister is a touch more.  Shaking his head Bui looked at Hiei.  'No, when he loses his heart, it will be to true un-conditional innocent love, I remain convinced of it!  I hope it appears soon.'  The tall demon thought with a sad smile. 

          Hiei's head bowed, feet moving to the war room, a thoughtful frown on his face.  Mind on his visions, such a warm and safe feeling, it is wonderful and peaceful, and in no way meant for him, no matter if it is his desire he couldn't help wondering what it means.  Why does it haunt him, or is it something his heart has been desiring?  Something that Mukuro herself cannot fill?  Not just longing, there is something more his heart craves, could it be not just love but true love that he wants?  And how the hell does he find that? Even if he did, Hiei has always felt he doesn’t deserve it and never will.  He and Mukuro are made for one another, there is no denying that but something inside of him is saying Mukuro is not the one!  Could this feeling be considered a type of love for Mukuro?  To some extent he believes so but his heart is satisfied where he is at with her.  Again that dream!  This girl he dreams of, with arms warm, soft and gentle as she held him to her, who is she?  Or is she just that, an image of what he longs for from Mukuro?  No, they are great companions, great confidences, they understand one another, they are comfortable with one another and Mukuro does love him, but does he love her the same, the way she wants?  At one time he thought so, as he found out, she drove him over the edge of being insane!  They are too damned alike to make it work that way and when they attempted to go in that direction, all that had happened was drive a wedge deeper in his heart!  Looking back and at their current situation, Hiei found he is much happier being her companion more than her lover, he is happy being her second in command and warrior.  In this way, they are both back to where they started!  There is one difference, something changed, he’s gotten stronger, much stronger.

          "What troubles you, Hiei?"  Bui caught up to the dark demon, those red eyes shifted to the tall demon.

          "Have I gotten stronger?  I trust you to not lie to me."  Hiei inquired not slowing his pace.  "My blood burns and boils in a way I have never felt before, power is surging through me and my strength seems increased."

          "In answer, yes, you definitely feel stronger, Hiei."

          "It can't be possible!"  Hiei could not help but to be bewildered by this change, he maxed his abilities a long time ago!

          "Why not?  You train daily, you are unmatched by all, I dare say, you have surpassed Mukuro, incredibly so, if you face her you would most likely kill or seriously wound the woman." 

          "Hm."  Hiei looked at Bui with a thoughtful frown.  "Gather all to the strategy room, we'll chose our battle grounds now."

          With a slight bow before taking off,  "At once, Hiei."  Bui responded and disappeared.

          The corridors were its usual darkness, torches every twenty feet.  Red eyes calm, as Hiei now wondered if he could be with Mukuro in such a way after having these odd visions.  He wants more, wants the promise the vision is teasing him with, so very much it is actually hurting him within!  With that he could not help wondering, 'Is this some sort of sign that my life is about to change?  Perhaps it is time I did settle down with Mukuro.'  Looking down at his right arm with a frown.  'Hm, first I must have things under control again.  That means I will have to retrain again!  Shit!'

          It was not long after Hiei entered the room and made himself comfortable that Mukuro walked through the door and took her usual seat.  A small smile of exchange between the two of them as eyes said more than words to one another. 

          "What kind of show do you have planned for us?"  The corner of the woman's lips lifted.

          "What else, victory!"  His body slouched into the chair.

          "Just be sure you do win!"  Mukuro replied. 

          "My troops, your troops are ready to win!"  Came that cocky smirk Mukuro loved seeing on his face while at the same time wanting to punch his lights out!

          "Alright, punk!  Where do you want this?"  Growled Mukuro's old time general, Gardus, the grisly demon’s teeth practically grinding at the punk Mukuro chose for her lover and heir!

          "Hmph, so you can bitch later that it was not a fair location!  You choose, braggart!”  Hiei growled.  “I’ll wipe you out either way so it does not matter!”  The smirk turning to a vicious snarl, arms crossed over his chest.

          “Little shit!  We’ll take the high ground and the fortress battlements.”  Gardus glared at Hiei as he snarled.

          “Fine by me, I will still defeat you!”  Hiei’s eyes glinted with deadly intentions.  “That is a promise!”  The words hissed, red eyes narrowed as they glowed a dark blood red.



Written By: The Black Rose

Based off of the Original Manga/Anime YuYu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi