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- SLAYER 5 -



            The nuclear fallout and continual bombings from World War III, after which, followed the techno wars from thousands of years ago, has turned the earth into a wasteland!  Barren deserts that blazed with unbearable heat, a once vast and expansive ocean that blanketed the planet is down to barely half of what it was in 2000 A.D.  Even so, almost nothing could survive these waters, so polluted it had become that only few spots maybe no more than a hundred feet in diameter can truly hold life, unless one goes down, down into the deep depths and even there life is scarce.  The forests reduced to blackened sharp stumps and radioactive soot spread out about the top soil is now slowly re-growing, dirt revitalizing from toxic to fertile, sickly yellow-green patch to rich brown patch, small areas now support life once again.

            This night is pitched black and well past midnight, beyond residential and far from any living communities, black smoke rose.  Giant puffs swirling into the night, up, up into the sky as explosions of orange-yellow lights erupted throughout the waste land that was once a vast and beautiful country side of Spain.  Those who were up and able to watch cowered in fear.  Out there was run by gangs and more recently in the last three thousand years, things dark and dreadful, frightening beings though may have some humanistic features, most definitely are not human!

            “The spirits are fighting again.”  Whispered an older man of about sixty-five, with aged blue eyes, skin a harsh brown from the unforgiving sun, hair long and white pulled tightly back with a leather strap and a trimmed white beard.

            “You still believe in that stuff old man?  You are crazier than I thought.”  Spoke up a younger man, with dark eyes and dark hair also with sun browned skin.

            “I have seen the good spirits, beautiful, calming and very frightening at the same time.  They are now fighting off the evil that still plagues these lands.”  He nodded his head.

            “You read too many fairy tales, old man!  Get your feet back on the soiled earth!  Its just missiles and nukes going off again!  Nothing more than the wasteland gangs fighting.”  The younger man huffed not at all amused by the ramblings from the old geezer, eyes narrowing out of irritation.  Neither could he deny the theory, no living man could be out there, not even at night, the gangs prefer the roasting sun to the night!  Though the wars have been over for thousands of years and the earth is still paying for it!  It is at night when the Earth is most unforgiving, truly showing her anger when dark, angry clouds covering the luminescent pale white of the moon, it is the promise of a storm on the rage.

            “Are you so sure, Cobal?  Can you truly say that?  I have felt human weapons, this is not the same, there is pure power charged in the air.  It is the spirits fighting, I can feel it.”

            “Crazy old coot!”  The one called Cobal looked at his elder, irritation rising as he growled the three words to himself.  Yet he cannot deny the tingling of fear that crept up his spine, it does feel like there is something charging in the air.


            Explosions going off left and right, whistling of arrows harnessing fire and ice launched from bows, streams of water feeling more like solid metal!  Shadows moving with intense speed, darting about like insects.  A clash and clanging of swords rang in the chill night air, shields deflecting blows, sounds of gunshots resounding loudly.  Ground shaking as massive beasts lumbered swiftly forward only to fall dead, sliced by swords!  Giants cut to shreds by blasts of power ripping through them!

            “Theys be devilses!”  One of the goblins called out as his gatling ran out of bullets and started the clacking of dry fire.  “Nothingsis workings against themses!”  Voice high pitched and raspy as it screamed above the sounds of gunfire.

            “Hows many bees theys?!  Hundreds?!”  Another goblin cowered on the ground as he blinked up at those on the battlements with large brown eyes wide open, sickly green body visibly shaking as knees soundly slapped together while clutching onto his cartridge fed automatic loading crossbow.

            A rather large humanoid thing looked down at the puny goblin with an animalistic grunt, shadows being thrown from torches and fire stands gave a very dramatic and horrifying effect to his large frame.  “No, just twenty one.”  Voice deep and rich, rough and rugged like the rest of him, large beefy arms crossed over a barrel of a chest.  Small tusks looked like they came out from the sides of his mouth, the tip of his nose pulled back made him look somewhat piggish.  Grumph, an orc commander with some re-known in the dark circles, so much so that even some of the fiercest of the dark fey respect his combat abilities and are most impressed by his strength and will to win.  With his employers being fey, Grumph’s speech in the common tongue, the human language, has much improved from the animal sounds of grunts, squeals and guttural growls of the orcs.  As though looking over the battlement walls to gaze out into the smoke rising fields where at one time the land used to be lush green and beautiful, now red, sand like and rocky, covered by toxins from the holocaust.  He couldn’t see them but he knew they were out there and exactly which team it was too!  The Claw of Lorhan flying on the flag above their outpost.  “We must have really pissed off the Royals if they’ve sent their Slayers.”  He grinned, black, beady piggy eyes narrowing as rage filled them, taking in a deep breath to let out a roar of challenge.  Hands fisted and held down and out to his sides slightly kneeling with the motion of the intimidating sound, the lesser creatures around him screamed and ran with fright.  Some running into each other, others into walls and those left standing must have been dead, they looked deathly pale as Grumph only chuckled from amusement.

            “Sslayersss?”  One goblin hissed, fear apparent as the little green creature shook, head skittishly thrashing left and right, wide round eyes almost popping out of his head.  “Theys be Slayers?”  It now hunched over, spindly little body slowly moving away from the battlements as it started to hyperventilate, shaking and quaking in it’s bare feet.  All of a sudden it was a blur of motion and panic screaming at the top of its lungs running about the fort, arms and hands up, waving wildly with fear.  “SLAYERSS!  SLAYERSS ISISS COMING!  SLAYERS ISISS COMING!  WEESES ALLSS GONNA DIIEESS!”  It started to run for the portcullis, the spindly legs moving as fast as it could, arms still waving about wildly, some of the orcs amused by the tantrum and the fear they smelled in the air from these goblins.  Before anyone suspected anything a large axe spun into the small green leathery body, tearing it asunder into two pieces, ripping through the back as the wickedly curved blade exploded through the goblin’s chest.  Brown eyes still wide and buggy, actually popping from their sockets as the axe sending the body at least fifty yards, arms and legs flopping about as blood spurted, guts burst, bones cracking and breaking as it smashed and bounced several times off the ground until it finally stopped as nothing more than a broken, sliced heap of butchered meat!  The others turned with questioning looks at their once comrade’s demise, then nervously to look back to the orc commander whose heavy body stomped towards the lump of oozing blood and flesh, easily dislodging his favorite weapon.  Swiped it downward in one powerful motion to clean the gleaming blade of the goblin remains then lifted the large and still bloody weapon to rest the handle against his shoulder, blade facing behind.

            “Who’s next!?”  The boarish face loudly growled, making the goblins squeal like piglets as they scattered to their posts, shivering and shaking, knees knocking together.

            “Slayers, eh?”  A smooth and silky yet low tone of a voice appeared next to the orc commander, well hidden in the shadows.  “Any guesses as to which team Cloude would have sent?”

            “Not just any of the Slayer teams, it is Slayer Five, I am willing to bet my life on it!” 

            “Slayer Five?”  An orc shaman turned to look at the commander with wide eyes.  “I must inform Master Lorhan, he will want to hear this!”  The orc commander stared down at the speaker with disapproval at the use of the word master, they are orc warriors, strong and proud, it is degrading to be calling an elf “Master!”

            “So he would, if it is Slayer Five.  Well now, this will prove to be an interesting day, after all, I was expecting it to be dull and uneventful!”  An amused chuckle from the voice hidden in the shadows irritated the orc commander.

            Dark piggy eyes glared into the darkness around him.  “When did you get here?”  The orc commander grunted.  “How did you get in here?!”  Grumph did not hide the irritation, showing exactly how he felt for the unwanted visitor.

            “I have my methods.”  The voice grinned, eyes now glowing red, giving off hints of a handsome male face as he looked at the orc.

            “Damned, Drow!”  The orc grumbled.

            “Slayer Five.”  He said it a few times as if getting a feel for the two simple words.  “I have heard of the team’s new commander.  Don’t think I have had the pleasure of  seeing her yet, is she as beautiful as they say?”  He asked merely gazing up as if he could summon an image by just thinking.

            “Many who have opposed her usually end up dead, you would do well to remember that.”  The orc commander grunted, arms crossing over his beefy chest with becoming impatient and truly disgusted with his unwanted guest.

            “Now, I am fascinated.”  The dark elf replied with a dark grin.  “Think she would make a good slave?”

            “Don’t hold your breath on that.”  Grumph mumbled looking at the drow with a side-glance, slowly becoming angry.  “Wise one go tell the wizard that female is here.”  The orc commander’s nose crinkled with pure distaste at the scent of spring and roses in the air.  Bowing the Shaman turned and hurried back to the door he came from.  “Yes it is, Slayer Five.”  The giant orc said in a low growl, eyes glistening.

            “Should we get that one involved?  I mean, that is to say, Commander we can…”  One of his captains looked at him, as he spoke hurried and hushed in the language of the Orc.

            “If she’s here, you can bet Lord Reaver is around as well.”  The dark elf tilted his head slightly as the commander growled and grunted at his officer.  “Getting Lord Lorhan involved is the best option right at this moment.”

            “The Dark Queen’s Reaver?  But… he’s an ally!”  Spoke the captain.

            “He’s turned on his own allies just so he alone has the pleasure of killing her.”  Grumph took in a deep breath and slowly let it out.  “I don’t know why he wants the kill that bad to turn on his own.”  And he shrugged.  “I know when I’m out gunned, and Reaver is a class of his own!”  He scowled.  ‘That puny faerie girl is one thing, Reaver is something else.’  Came Grumph’s thought as he turned around, heavily stomping into the fortress.  “We need that wizard here and fast!”  He roared, hearing the catapults vault huge stones, cannons and mortars going off as they fired upon their assailants.  The massive orc could not help frowning as the thick door shut behind him.  ‘Slayer Five!  I will have your little leader’s head on the other end of my axe!’  He thought with a grimace, axe swung down in one powerful motion, he of all knew not to under estimate the elite of the Ivory Kingdom.  As it stands, their lines are holding but not much longer, this team of Slayers coming in against them won’t be held back!



            Slayer Five, evil quakes at just the mere mention of these two words, the bane of darkness’ forces!  The Ivory Kingdom’s best and personal unit to the Imperial family, their mission is to wipe out this rabble-rousing bunch that wizard calls his troops.  Painfully aware that, Grumph, an orc terror of a commander is running this particular post!  He has killed many fey and much of human kind to earn his reputation.  With Lorhan backing this menace, it is safe to say that more than just orcs, goblins and dark elves are expected in this battle!

 “Hmph, do they take us for amateurs?!”  Came a male’s voice filled with disdain, as he rushed forward practically flying at the trolls before them.

            Besides him is a female with flowing silver-blue hair, fair skin as white as snow, blades in their hands as they charged in.  The woman’s arm flung out before her while as winter green eyes misted over with power!  Tornadoes of ice shards and freezing wind instantly came over the trolls, frosting them with a thick coat of iced white glitter leaving them frozen in their tracks.  “Blizzard!”  She had cried out, but before the tornadoes of ice completed their turn the male was already in motion.  Airborne with a single jump and as he hit the ground with sword in hand, returning blade to the sheath just as the trolls fell in icy chunks.

            “Great going, guys!”  Cried a red headed female with gold eyes as she roasted several over grown scorpions that popped up before them.  “Hah!  Crawl back out buggies!”  She landed on both feet rising to a stance that screamed ready for a fight with a wicked grin and sword in hand.

            “Lace, quit teasing the bugs and just kill them!”  Flowing blonde hair tinted pink, blue eyes tinted green, Justice slicing several of the large insects into pieces, crisp hard carapaces giving like a hot knife through butter as the insects fell in heaps of green guts and oozing white goo.

            “Eeww, Jus!”  Lacy squealed a high-pitched girly sound, as the slender shoulders hunched, eyes wide and childish, both hands balled up pressed against one another up against her chin.  “That’s gross!”  She now pouted.  “Flash frying them is so much neater!”  The girl groused while her golden eyes narrowed and with a grin fried another batch.  “Hah!  Whose up for bar-b-cued scorpion!”  She laughed.

            “No thanks, they look over cooked!”  Storm somberly replied as he walked by, dark gray hair, almost black with intense gray eyes. 

            “Aw!  That hurt my feelings!”  Lacy pouted once again eyes brimming with faked tears which she couldn’t keep as it turned to a grin.  Immediately following behind Storm while he summoned his power, electrocuting more trolls and several giant spiders.  The bodies buzzing and steaming, eyes rolled up in their furred head, as they laid there dead, the spiders hollowing out as their convulsing bodies burst like popped water balloons.  “Now that’s frying them.”  Lacy spoke looking down at the fried trolls, turning to the spiders she had only a couple things more to say.  “Eeww, yuck!”

            The lot of them striding through the mortar and bullet fire un-phased and un-caring, shields of power up and deflecting!  Until reaching one hundred yards they individually fought, filing in next to each other according to their ranks, slowing to a strut heads held high, eyes shining with anger and demanding justice!  That look alone had those behind the fortress walls gulping and sweating in pure fear.  Walking in what looked like a strait line, but if one were to look from above the formation was actually more of a wide V!

            In the lead with flowing pink-red hair, golden highlights glimmering in the moon’s luminescent white light, braided down her back past her tapered waist.  Pale skin shining and shimmering in the dark like a beacon, emanating a soft pale yellow of an early spring or the close end of a winter morning sun.  Gold armor glinting over soft dark purple leather that felt like velvet, all females wore two pieces that seemed more like beach wear rather than protection, flowing short pieces of rich purple cloth flowing down to just above the knees where the knee guards and the intricately designed shin protectors rode above the soft boots.  Dark green eyes full of power charged and sparking, as if lightning had been trapped within!  Four feet four inches in height, busty and beautiful, just absolutely beautiful!  The legendary Serenity Star!  All who know of Slayer Five know that name, if not, you’re either a rookie or an idiot!  When it comes to the Slayers, Serenity is one of the youngest and at the very top in the chain of command!  Head held high, back strait and standing tall, giving the appearance that the girl is taller than she really is, the voluptuous female form striding forward with purpose and grace.

            “Leave none alive!”  Came Serenity’s girlish voice, strong and resolute as she gave the command.  Every single one of the females held a silver rod, each wielding a crystal at the end and the rod itself carved with individual designs, for Serenity, hers was a starlit sky, each star twinkled as certain angles of light hit the carvings at the base of her crystal is the north star.  Grabbing the hilt of her sword, a beautiful ivory carved with the head of a dragon, guards flaring out in feathered angel wings, opening the mouth end of the carving opened to slam the wand in, butt end first and like a gun clip snapping into place with a single chack!  The crystal barely sticking out of the dragon’s mouth, right hand now free of the wand lifted up and brought down the visor from her golden helmet.  Barely a movement and nothing more than glinting arches and flashes, sword cutting down an ogre that jumped in front of her without a single flinch.


            On the battlements of the fortress crouching near one of the gatling guns sat the dark elf holding a pair of laser-optic binoculars.  “Wow!  Look at those females, such beauties!”  He let out a whistle when his gaze settled on Serenity, sword didn’t seemed to move at all as she cut down everything that appeared in front of her.  “Now that is exquisite!”  He declared excitedly watching the girl, so sublime and smooth, each step sure, deadly and graceful, every movement seemed more like motions of a dance.  “Mm, now that is a nickname for my beauty, Dancer of Death!”  Heart pounding as he watched the tiny body duck, dodge and flip.  Incredible green eyes hard and glittered with anger, soft rose petal lips pursed in an angry pout as she continued forward.  “My word she is delicious!”  He panted the words as he continued to watch Serenity with the thudding beat of his heart loud in his ears.

            “Um, sirss!  Yousiss tongues beeses draggings onses ground!  Yous bees drooling!”  A goblin replied looking rather disturbed while edging away from the seemingly deranged elf.

            The drow turned a rather flushed face, with a stupid grin and half closed eyes glazed over with infatuation!  “She’s wonderful!  Please, grant me the pleasure of crossing blades with that one!”  A slow grin appearing on the dark sharp featured but handsome face of the drow, showing sharp teeth as the goblin simply stared at him as a teardrop appeared behind his green leathery head, ears and shoulders drooping while the dark elf sighed!  “I’m in love!” 

            Finally the Drow stood strait up as several other teardrops appeared behind the goblin’s head as he let out a slow.  “Heh… heh… heh… yess wesess sees!”  Eyes narrowing irritated at the lecherous thoughts as well as the very visible spike that jumped from the front of his pants, as though trying to escape!  “Ohh, wesess bees deadsessess.”  He softly whimpered, looking up at the sky with large and wide pleading eyes on the brink of tears.


            “Naturally!”  Duncan grinned as he strode to the girl’s right, standing easily a head taller than her.  Two wickedly curved blades in hands instinctively cut down an oversized scorpion as it popped up in front of him, tail slashing futilely in death as the stinger spun and flew out of sight. 

            “With pleasure!”  Blizzard, Rage, Storm, Skye, Wraithe and Lyger replied, voices low and practically growls, echoing with the anger vibrating around them.  Powers reducing their attackers to nothing but bloody pieces of raining flesh!

            The twenty-one marching forward could easily tell the fortress defenders were getting desperate.  Should they start returning fire?  Nah, let them sweat out their fear while they continued to advance!  All of them held blades out and ready as they got within fifty feet of the tall stonewalls, cutting down the puny shadows that tried to attack them, lines of beasts thinning, arrows and bullets alike still being returned to their senders.  All Fey eyes glowing with power visibly surging and charging, calling to the anger within in them.

            “Is this the best that bastard’s got?”  Lyre couldn’t help scoffing as he cut down a spider of huge proportions as it literally burst through the ground before him, eyes narrowed in irritation.  “What do they take us for?!”

            “What do you think!?”  Lacy grinned as she flash fried another creature. 

            “One would think they would at least send a horde of giants at us, instead of these miniature play-by-plays we’ve had since the edge of the forest!”  Lyre replied.  “This is just plain insulting!”

            “You’re being led by a female, a faerie no less!  You’re weak!”  Lacy replied sarcastically as she gave him a snobbish smile.  “At least, that’s how Lorhan sees us!”

            Lyre grinned, which more looked like a sneer as the blade like gaze shot at her.  “I’d love to see them fight Serenity fairly, she’ll kick them to the abyss and beyond, even if they don’t!”

            “Serenity will do that anyways, besides can’t you smell it?  Smell the fear, feel the terror!  They are all scared and they should be!”  Void replied.  “We will destroy them!”  She hissed dark eyes now nothing more than pits of pure darkness.  “Why go through all this trouble of defense if they are not frightened?” 

            Lacy narrowed her eyes seductively towards Lyre as she cut down one more obnoxious smelling troll!  “And they had better be cowering in fear!”

            “Heh, if they’re this scared, they shouldn’t have attacked!  The fools!  Did they think we would let them get away with it?!”  Lyre hissed while absently swinging his sword to slice another spider that came at him from behind. 

            Bullets whizzed by, mortars landing and exploding, yet the Fey continued forward not at all phased by the display of destruction that landed before, around and behind them.

            “Shall we show them how things are really done?”  Serenity laughed, hand still holding her sword as she brought the blade up with her arm, still striding forward, brought it slowly downward.  In a swift motion, brought the blade up with a swing of her arm!  “Haah!”  She cried out, rushing forward with the others behind following her lead.


            The fortress walls are made of solid stones five feet deep, standing six feet tall and eight feet wide.  In areas were they seemed smaller, the stone stood strong at five feet deep.  Two layers of this stone made the main outer walls!  The circular towers carved and sanded for the perfectly rounded shape, with various slits for archers and snipers.  Despite this, they made no difference in the line of the angry fey! 

            “Nos goodsess, faeries beeses strongs!”  One of the goblin at a crossbow station hissed to his comrade.

            “Wesiss makes bigss mistakesess  killsiss patrols!”  His partner whimpered.  “Theys beesessiss madsess!  Heys!  Whatsiss females doingses?”  He watched as her sword swung swiftly upward and the walls burst into nothing more than an explosion of dust and stone shrapnel!    

            The walls that were standing at the front crumbled down, goblins and orcs with shocked and surprised expression, catapults, gatlings, weapon racks and the like, if they didn’t go flying, they tumbled within the dust!  From the explosion, pebbles shot in every direction smacking those in the yards like sharp little knives or puncturing like bullets!  The larger stones that fell killed some and seriously wounded others!  The attack started with cries of surprise turning to screams of pain!  Faeries punched through the screen of dust and debris, swords stabbing, knives and daggers flying, finishing the job on the lesser of the fighters with no trouble at all!  Lithe bodies swift and a flurry of motion as they moved, blades blood soaked, severed heads rolling, howls of pain and the gurgled sounds of death filled the fortress as screams of terror echoed into the dead of night!

            Grumph rushed out into the midst of dust and let out a cry of rage at the sight before him!  The main walls were… they are gone… nothing but a pile of sand!  Goblins and orcs screaming as they fell to the invaders!  Artillery, projectiles and sharp blades that fell from their positions on the battlements had speared the unfortunates below, triggers being pulled on reflex as those who tried to grab on for dear life fell from the two towers!  Bullets rained everywhere and just their luck it didn’t phase the fey heading towards them at all!  All twenty-one of the Slayers now in the walls and slaughtering them like cattle!  The power radiating from them charging and having those near gasping for breath as they stared at their certain deaths in pure fear!

            The dark elf being the only one to escape the completely disintegrated wall appeared on one of the other towers landing gingerly upon the stone tiled roof.  A grin of amusement creased his lips while assessing the damage to the once impenetrable stronghold.  The entire front was nothing but dust and rubble in a mere second!  Where huge walls once stood with strong stone, is now nothing but ruin!  The front archer and sniper towers looked like cannon balls took bites out of the bottom and worked up to a good third of the towers, though still mostly intact and very unstable as they seemed to lean in on their wounds, ready to fall over.  Looking down at those killed instantly to the many injured, dust thick and starting to thin as the heady smell of blood reached his nostrils, the slayers were silent and brutal, he watched them move, the brief glimpses of their armor, a glow of an eye or the skin of the females, he found his mark the young pink haired girl.  “Impressive!  For a little girl.”  His words a mere whisper while he crouched on the rooftop, deciding to sit this out and watch the fey in motion!  Clouds of blood erupting left and right, bodies falling to their deaths, some charred and flash fried with the foul odor of burning flesh and hair soon following!  He couldn’t help but admire this team of the Slayers and their young leader, eyes resolute as the girl wiped out the fools that surrounded her, if she moved he didn’t see it.

            “Hold your lines!  Get together!  Do not let them…”  Came Grumph’s voice before turning to block the blade of a pinkish-red headed male with yellow highlights, with a grin of tusks, easily threw the Fey off of him.  “Foolish elf-kin boy!”  The Commander roared as he swung that huge axe impacting with a strong and steady shield.  “You can fight rather than prance?  Let’s see how long you last!”  While Grumph engaged his fey attacker the grunts, squeals and shouts of rage echoed from his thick meaty throat as he tried to take out the whelp, but to no avail, pausing and lifted his left eye widened at Skye.  “Not bad, boy, but you have to do better than that to stop me.”  He flipped his axe and swung throwing Skye back a few feet.

            Landing on his feet with the grace of a wolf, Skye, stared down the orc Commander.  “Don’t worry, piggy, I intend to!”  The young male before him replied, shield and sword coming up, charging in and ducking the swung axe with ease.

            “Don’t get stupid, Skye!”  Duncan called out to him as he charged in after Grumph as well.  “He won’t be your only opponent!”  Duncan jumped, charging in the two wickedly curved blades held before him as his piercing green eyes glared at the orc.

            ‘The boy is one thing, Duncan is another!’  The orc thought, as he stared at the much heard about dual blades of the Slayer Five trainer.  He remembers fighting Duncan before… just barely did he live from that experience!  ‘If I push… ‘

            From out of nowhere came a sharp tinging sound, like someone playing a triangle, multiple ripples distorting the space and air before and around them. 

            “Cheh!  This fight just got interesting child!”  Duncan shouted back to Serenity as he blocked another swing from the orc shaman, who decided to charge into the fight and help Grumph, rewarded for his bravado by being mercilessly decapitated by Duncan.

            “So it has!”  Serenity laughed as she leapt up, then twisted her upper body sword swinging down as she clashed with a warrior who came through the portal.  “It has been a while, Teddy Bear!” 

            “QUIT CALLING…. AAAHHHGG!”  A male drow, the first to come through the portals, let out a surprised cry as he blocked and barely dodged her blade, eyes wide and practically bugging out of his head as he panted out of shock!  “Damn it, Serenity!  Stop playing around, brat!”  Teddy snarled at Serenity though his eyes are serious he was unable to stop the blush as he looked at her.

            The girl laughing with such sweet innocence, green eyes deceptively clear and sparkling, and that he knew is a dangerous sight!  Serenity moved back a few paces sword in hand, tip pointing down to the ground as they simply looked at one another.  “Glad you could come out to play with me!”  Serenity giggled as she stood before him in all of her grace and beauty!  Serenity Star, he vowed to marry this particular Fey.  Bringing shield up, green eyes narrowing as she smiled at him.  “Oh!  Come now, my Teddy Bear, how long has it been?”  Accent, thick and English.  “How can you refuse me?”  The beautiful eyes sparking with pure power and challenge, even as she pouted with such a sweet charm he found himself gulping.  Dare he refuse?

            ‘Well, well, my break is now over.’  The drow on the roof grinned as two curved blades appeared in his hands, appearing next to his kinsmen ready for a fight.




Written By: The Black Rose

Based off of the Original Manga/Anime YuYu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi