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In another world….


          The day is crisp and clear as a lone figure sat in a private garden on an edge of a mountain over looking a vast azure sea.  Currents raged below, smashing into the mountain's cliff again and again, foam and tides washing up to a little pool below.  Scent of English and Spanish roses filling the air mingling with the salty ocean breeze, a giant oak stretching for the sky holding up a white swing with vines.    A perfect balance of nature, torrents of rage pounding below, perilous winds strong and whipping above as a small yet deceptively safe path cut through the mountain where boulders crash down or the walls close when the earth shakes leading to a perfectly peaceful environment full of lilies, roses, daffodils, basil, rosemary and thyme and so many other plants and herbs and the sun always shined on this tiny eco-system.  There is a cave at the mouth of a huge waterfall falling from above and next to the plateau that made up her private sanctuary, the only safe although a long route.  A pool formed from the fall behind and near which broke off in two directions forming small streams that fed her beloved plants.  The water itself fresh clear and crisp, the ice from the top of the mountain keeping it so.

          Music lifted with the wind around the mountainous cliffs, in the swing is a lone girl, tucked under her chin and held in delicate fingers sat a violin, her other arm moving the bow across the tight strings.  Soft yet pretty smile on her face, eyes partially closed, listening to melody that came out of her instrument.  It is a beautiful violin, old, made of cherry wood with a light varnish finish, the bow itself is made of dragon bone, dyed to a cherry black pulled with unicorn hair, so sweet and enchanting is the sound that came from her violin she could sit there for hours doing just this. 

          "I thought I would find you here."  Spoke a very familiar voice as the music paused.  "If I had known you would be playing, I would have brought my violin." A sigh escaped as the girl on the swing abruptly brought the instrument down to her lap, head swiveled and eyes not quite focused seeming quite startled.  "Daydreaming again are we?"

          "Hardly, I do not understand why am I having this vision, he is a dark warrior, almost evil, at least I think it's a he figure definitely suggests male."  Serenity shivered then shaking herself out of it left hand running through pinkish-red hair with golden highlights falling to just below her waist flowing with the breeze.  "The worst of it is I do not feel afraid, almost as if he will protect me."  Green eyes glazed over dreamily but the fear in that gaze very present.

          "Have you been in the wine last night?"  The visitor came around with a concerned look, slender fingers taking slim shoulders gently, winter green eyes meeting with forest greens, sitting herself down upon huge knobby roots from the old oak, it is odd that they grew somewhat shaped this way, then again, perhaps not.

          "Do not tease me, Yslan, I am serious!  I am almost afraid to sleep I do not want this vision ever again!  There is no doubt whoever this one is he's definitely one hundred percent dangerous!  I am somewhat frightened it seems savage!"

          "Oh!"  Yslan's winter green eyes watched Serenity intently, upper torso moving back, fingers laced as they clasped at her knees.  "Please do tell me, cousin!"

          In words, the one called Serenity recalled the blazing fire, surrounding and engulfing.  What seemed like miles around black smoke rose from the ground in droves!  Just spiraling and rising in puffs like steam, a vast army marching across the land!  Leading them is a lone figure shrouded in black, surrounded by black.  Blood red glowing eyes narrowed, lust for the kill in them, sword and clothing soaked, dripping with the red liquid of life as he lead a demonic army with an evil grin.  In the skies is the familiar roar of a dragon soaring amongst the smoke blackened sky, black body and eyes as red as the one leading the army that decimated the area!  Through the blood and haze the male lifted that sword to point directly at her.  'Take her back were she belongs and keep her well protected!'  The male growled.  'For once stop disobeying me, Serenity.'

          "Then I would wake up!  Especially as soon as those eyes turned on me!  He's like… a walking message of destruction, just pure hatred!"  The one called Serenity shivered.  "Evil!"  The words whispered out of her lips.

          Yslan could not help shivering either, despite the warmth of the shining sun, both females felt a chill as concerned eyes flashed at one another.  "Wow.  How long have you had this vision?"

          "Last night would be the fifth."  Serenity spoke softly.

          "Ah, no wonder ye look like you've been in the drink!"  Yslan giggled.  "Tis serious, have you spoken to the high priestess yet?"

          "Aye, she says he is probably a metaphor and an apparition of the black dragon.  That the black dragon is now searching for his mate."  Serenity sighed, shoulders slumping.  "Poppy cock!"  The girl replied eyes rolling, yet still they giggled.

          "Mm, a bad boy in your life?  A prophesied bad boy, even better!  I wish I could find one!  I hear they make good lovers."  Yslan and Serenity laughing, both blushing and cheeks turning red with the improper thoughts.

          Serenity glanced at her cousin with a glint in the forest green eyes.  "Some one has been hanging around Lacy for much to long!  I can not believe you just said that!"  Followed by a girlish giggles, eyes sparkled like girls longing for their true loves as they sighed.  "Tis a pity, bad boys are always intriguing, shame they're a hassle and a headache, why would girls like us want to deal with that?  We have enough problems!"  Serenity's head tilted and turned in a sharp snobbish way but it faltered for she could not stop herself from laughing.

          "Well, yes, but they are usually quite handsome, besides, are you not betrothed to one?"

          "IF you can call Slade that!"  She frowned.  "He's a dork!"  They laughed all the harder.

          "What we need are dark males."  Yslan's winter blue sky hair nodded, tongue sticking out as she giggled.  "Ok enough fun and games, cousin.  I have come to call upon you.  Your father wishes you to attend the council gathering." 

          "To think, humans wish they were me!"  Came an exasperated sigh from the pink haired girl.  "I can't believe Cloude chose me to be his heir."  Rose petal pink lips frowned as her lower lip jutted out in a pout.  "I don't wish to go!  I can't be me!"  Serenity replied standing up.  "Let us go before my father sends the squads to search for me."  Yslan followed after her, laughing and chatting while entering the cave to go through the complicated path of the mountain just to reach home.




Back in Makai…



          Hiei's eyes snapped opened abruptly, sharp, icy and harsh.  "Who is that?"  He whispered blade in hand and pointing out as the dark head shifted to face down Mukuro.  "What do you want?"  He grimaced. 

          "I need your expertise, I am going after Crestfallen, are you in?"  Mukuro looked down at Hiei, legs crossed, arms at her waist as the single eye closed as she spoke while sitting on his bed.  "You will never use this will you?"  She looked at the made up bed, as Hiei only looked at her with a sigh. 

          "Don't need it."  Came Hiei's shrugged response, the red eyes blinking once.  "If you're going after Damus?  Of course I am in!"  Hiei replied, eyes the usual sharp glare but they seemed somewhat glazed.  "That pompous fool needs to learn to keep to his own wretched business!" 

          "First tell me, Hiei, what were you just dreaming of?"  The eye opened as she looked at the dark runt, red eyes glaring at her with his usual frown.  Mukuro did not like the fact that he can easily hide his thoughts from her, blocking or tossing her out of his mind.  That runt's power increased a hundred fold over the years.  Since the dreams started, Hiei had become subtly stronger, she can feel it!  Not good!  Soon Hiei would be able to go off on his own and destroy her, the only thing she knew for a fact is Hiei's loyalty and honor binds him to her.

          "I don't dream."

          "Then what is serenity?"  Mukuro asked frowning. 

          An image of a female's figure snapped immediately into his mind as he thought of her.  Who ever that female is, she's like the sun itself with a glittering dragon of pure white at her call, but then again, perhaps the moon's light will reveal more of his phantom maiden.  "A strange vision."  Hiei rarely gave a real smile, Mukuro managed to get him to smile more but this time, the smile was different it is calm and sincere as he recalled his dream.  Even if it is strange, Hiei is happy with it and deep within his shielded mind and heart wished it could be more than a daydream.  "The vision is… warming, comforting, more so than you will ever be able to give.  It is… impossible to reach, then again that is the description of a dream."  Hiei shrugged, standing up.  "Are we going or not?" 

          "You haven't changed one bit have you?"

          "If you really expected that I would be disappointed."  Hiei's smart mouth replied.

          "I didn't."  Mukuro gave that small smile of hers while standing up and headed for the door. 

          "Then move." 

          Shaking her head with a sigh and chuckle Mukuro couldn't resist saying.  "I'm still a woman, Hiei, as much as I try to deny that there are times I just can't help it."  The woman pursed her lips with disgust.  "I hate it!"

          The red pupils shifted within the narrowed eyes to glance at Mukuro with an amused smirk.  "That makes both of us!"

          "By the way, how is King Urameshi and his brats."

          "Yusuke is fine, somewhere here in Makai along with the pests, but fine, Kurama will be around shortly is my guess."  Hiei blinked.

          "Now you two are a pair."  Mukuro grinned at the pissed off look in Hiei's eyes.

          "It's not like that!"  Now the male snarled, eyes unfriendly and dangerously enraged, teeth bared in a sneer.

          "Neither do you take advantage of all I offer you, Hiei."  Mukuro replied to his seething expression, waiting.

          "If I wanted that I would have!  I'm just not interested!"  The male growled viciously as they reached her room, Hiei threw the door open slamming it against the wall and headed strait for a huge desk, dumping himself in a large yet comfortable chair, tossing his booted feet up on the finished wood of the desk. 

          Mukuro sat at the other end while opening a drawer.  "I'm just stating five thousand years is a long time for most males."

          "I am not most!"  He growled, wanting to change the subject and fast!  "Can we move on to Damus!"

          "I apologize, Hiei." 

          "Hmph, you'll just bring this up again in a few hundred years or less from now!  You always do!  If I wanted true female companionship I would be with a girl that actually wears a dress and pretties herself up for once!"  He grimaced.  "And she would most likely scream at the sight of blood!  No thanks, I don't want and don't need that kind of aggravation!  As for you!  You have more testosterone than I do!  We are great companions, let it continue at that and not confuse our relationship!  Getting personal is bad for business!"  The words were flippant and said from annoyance as he ended it with.  "We've made that mistake once before!"  Eyes glowing red, chest heaving, teeth clenched together, Hiei did not just look annoyed he is angry.

          "How shall we handle this… my heir!"  Mukuro frowned not liking Hiei's choice of words, cautious of the runt's expression.

          "Strait and to the point!  Surrender or have your head placed on a spit!  Insulting us has earned you a warning Damus, this is your one and only.  Reply expected!"  Hiei spoke, the anger ebbing down to annoyance.

          "Yes that is."  She looked at Hiei with adoration as she wrote it down.  "What do you think he will do?"  Yet she could not help the chuckle at his simple yet obviously threatening message.  'That's Hiei for you.'

          "Flat out refuse us, what else!"  Hiei's chilling grin always sent a chill of fear down anyone's spine.  "By doing so, I'll have his fat head on the tip of my sword!" That sharp look most ran from as his icy eyes glinted with murderous intent followed the grin.  "I'm going on patrol."  Standing up Hiei left without another word not even a shuffle of sound as if he was just an imagination.


          Standing on the transport, Hiei could not get his mind off of his dream.  What was it?  Is it misleading?  Is it just a dream?  He never just dreams, they are usually nightmares, but this is different.  For the last five days this figure, this image has been haunting his thoughts, obviously female, definitely so, a very tantalizing figure indeed.  Is he hallucinating at night?  Perhaps she is actually an assassin out to destroy him, trying to lure him in.  Impossible, even in his dreams, she did not smell demon!  She smelled... heavenly, almost… angelic.  Hiei blinked his eyes once, trying to get rid of the vision in his head before glancing down at the man lying in the sun baked desert of Makai, just out of the forests.  Head shaking.  "Foolish human, bring him in, I have a feeling today will have more strays!"  He grimaced.  "You three, take him back and have his memory blurred, the rest of us will continue forward.  Return after he is safely back in Ningenkai." 

          "Yes, Lord Hiei!"  The three replied and immediately moved as they tried to figure out a way of carrying the human.  Hiei glaring at them, left eye ticking irritated as they couldn't figure out how to take the pathetic creature back!  One grabbing a leg as the other grabbed an arm and pulled, the head dragging and hitting various objects on the ground.  "Are you trying to kill the fool?!"  Hiei raised his voice.  The three looked at him somewhat confused, until finally one decided to carry the stinking human on his back and left.  "Morons!"  He growled, tilting his head as he noticed a familiar figure in the distance.  He looked human, but the blood in his veins is at least part demon!  "Well, well."  He couldn't help grinning.  "Urameshi, Kira."  He whispered, raising his voice to the driver.  "To that human there, drive up!"




Back in the other world…


          The ivory throne, sitting high upon the dais of the palace, for hundreds of thousands of years it has been there and it shall be there for hundreds of thousands more.  The throne of the king's heir sitting to his right, there sat the next crown, the future of their people looking like the epitome of perfection.  The future queen!  Wearing a golden cream dress laced with gold threads embroidered with floral adornments, sleeves down the slender arms to the pretty wrists triangle out at the back of her hand to the small fingers.  The bust line cut, breasts trussed together, ivory skin glowing like a soft golden morning sun, a thin silver shine outlining the beautiful vision of their future ruler, a true vision of perfection on the outside.  Inside, she's as tough as a warrior, courageous and bold raised to be the decision maker, so far the King has put her in just that position.  All decisions he brings to her, including the regular work of a well bred young lady.  Although the child is a sweetheart, she has her limits and the girl does not like to be played.  The girl maybe naïve, but she is not blind, almost daily she spends time with her people and they love her.  The king made damn sure his heir can rule in his stead, wants her ready to rule when he hands over the throne.  The council and high court knew they will never be able to push or shape her.  She is her own mind and her words will be final! 

          No matter how calm and cool she looked on the outside, on the inside she wants to scream!  Wants to be out and at the festival grounds to make sure everything will be perfect.  All festivals needed to be perfect, it is a part of tradition and tradition is one thing she is dead serious of.

          "What of security?  Last year was a disaster!  Orcs rampaging up and down our shores, goblins causing havoc with their machinations!  What will they do this year?!"  An elder male, wrinkled, hair silver-white and well brushed back into a single lock.

          "That has yet to be determined, none of our spies have returned as yet again."  The young crown replied.  "I am sorry to say that we fear the worst, they are dead, as it was last year again."  She spoke looking down at the assembled.  "At the moment we are assuming the worse, our sanctioned have been alerted to the possible danger and we will not be caught unawares this time around.  For I shall lead our people if trouble arises once again."

          "Your Highness, please, leave that to the guards and the Slayers!  Tis their jobs to risk their lives for yours.  Also, may I bring up Lord Slade, he's always around when a fight ensues, the men respect him my Princess.  I beg of you, leave that decision to the others!  Tis not your duty to involve yourself so."

          "As a Celestial Guardian, is it not also my duty?"

          "Mayhap, but it is not clearly designed to be so, you are a guardian of the heavenly path ways, tis the King's duty to over see the safety of all..."

          "My heir, shall do as she sees fit.  Her concern has always been for your safety at all festivities and I shall encourage her to do so.  When you are ready to leave, you may do so."   The king stood nodding his sun enflamed hair.  "I declare this council concluded!"

          "Of course, your majesty."  All rose and bowed before their leaders.

          "My king, I shall take my leave now."  The girl bowed, eyes glittering as she looked at the male who is her king with a most beautiful smile and he let out a soft sigh as he waved her off, head shaking, looking to his wife and queen.

          "She's hopeless!"  He chuckled.

          "That is why the girl is well loved by all."  The queen smiled at her mate.

          "I raised my baby sister to be hopeless and they love her for it!  It truly sounds ironic, does it not?"  Grinning at his queen as he leaned forward to kiss her as she smiled at him.



Written By: The Black Rose (hieizwife, sorry I couldn't resist!)

Based off of the Original Manga/Anime YuYu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi